Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Any Family Member Sign Up?

No, All family members that want access have to first be approved, inputted and invited by an admin staff member of the assisted living home your loved one is at. If the assisted living home doesn’t offer the app. Click Here to register and we will contact the assisted living home to get signed up.

Can I access my account from anywhere?

Yes, Always Together is a mobile friendly and secure app, which means it can be accessed from and desktop or mobile device. We have added additional security measures to help protect data and to make sure it is exchanged privately.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely, We love helping customers! After signing up with us we give you complete access to our dedicated support team and offer for our premium clients scheduled in person support. We understand that sometimes using new software for the first time can be tricky. Don’t worry we got you!

How do I get billed?

All services are billed monthly on a credit card. We do offer a FREE 14 day trail to get started. After the trial we will ask you to choose a plan and billing will begin on 15th day.

Keep Your Family Always Together with Our Engagement App

Keep Your Family Always Together with Our Engagement App

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